Hello! I'm Hugo 👋

I made this website because I thought it would be a fun & neat idea to implement. Building stuff in general is something I find enjoyable. I usually share that process on or on my

Regarding Remindy.me, since there is no profit motive, I plan on open-sourcing this website on GitHub once I clean up the codebase a bit and make it look presentable.

However, if you still want to show your appreciation, you can make a small donation below, or just send me a warm email/twitter message. Always appreciated!


Whenever you set a reminder, the reminder text and the email you write down is stored in a database. This database is private, however the text is stored in plaintext format. Once the reminder is sent, it is permanently deleted from the database.

If necessary, I can add a feature to encrypt reminders, but it's a slight hassle for the user because you need to have some sort of private password to decrypt it. However, if you think it's something you can't live without, send me a message and if there's sufficient interest I'll work on it.